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Welcome to - an online community of guitar players of all ages, styles, and abilities, exchanging ideas, tips, experiences, and more.

There are many things you can do while you're here, feel free to browse our collection of guitar tablature and tighten your chops by browsing our large collection of free guitar lessons (with audio and video). So you can subscribe to our newsletter and start getting downloading free tutorials about guitar techniques, arpeggios, licks, etc. In our lessons you will find material for all levels in the style you are looking for. This include scales, patterns, exercises, theory, chords, songs, ear training, home recording, etc.

In our shop section you can get a lot of merchandising and also you will have benefits of being a Guitar God Club Junior Membership. And with our free membership in besides be able to post on the forum, also you can get access to exclusive guitar lessons and jam tracks. Once you have your membership you will get tons of benefits and material to enhance your skills at guitar and also as a full rounded musician. Some of these privileges are Video Tutorials, Webinars, Mp3 Jam tracks, Guitar Tabs, etc. Also you will get access to some cool Claude´s interviewing at some successful musicians.

-In our Video Tutorials you will find great lessons in different styles where a group of experienced players share their most secret licks and ideas. We called them “The Guitar Gurus”, and we have a lot of gurus in several styles, such us lead playing, blues, jazz, acoustic, etc.
-In our Webinars you will get access to some cool live lessons covering different topics, like “soloing with modes”, “introduction to blues”, etc.
-In our Jam tracks section you will get access to our best backing tracks in every style you can imagine. They will allow you to develop your improvising chops to the limit…
-In our Guitar Tabs section you will find tons of tabs in different categories, such as acoustic, metal, rock, jazz. Blues etc, but also in different levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

So, with this membership we guarantee tons of guitar fun and joy… See you there!

We have a gear section with tons of reviews about guitars, amps, guitar processors, accessories, etc. Look up a scale or chord chart in our free online chord and scale finder. In the guitar scales section, besides the scale finder, you will find a very complete review revealing the secrets behind almost every scale used in music.

Find an alternate tuning in our tunings section or take part in one of many guitar discussions taking place right now! And if you see anything that's wrong, or you have any feedback, please let us know that. Also, we would really like you to submit your tips, questions, answers to help others, your own licks, lessons, wherever you like. There is a cool section where you can upload your music and share it with the rest of your fellow guitar players and musicians, this way you will be able to get great exposure of your work. You also will find a news section with all the latest news that any guitar player or music lover will find very useful.

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