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Guitar Discussion
 Electric Guitar
Discuss all aspects of playing and maintaining your electric guitar.
7,578 70,033 Sep. 24 1:13 AM
 Miscellaneous Equipment
Discuss other equipment outside the scope of guitars, amps, effects, etc.
603 13,670 Sep. 24 12:33 AM
 Acoustic Guitar
Chat with other players about playing and maintaining your acoustic guitar.
1,136 15,167 Sep. 24 12:42 AM
 Bass Guitar
Discuss your bass guitar needs with our resident bass players.
444 8,176 Sep. 22 11:35 PM
 Classical Guitar
Discuss various aspects related to the fine art of classical guitar playing.
251 5,858 Sep. 22 4:15 AM
Need help maintaining your amp? Or are you looking to buy a new one? Look here.
2,799 24,640 Sep. 23 9:48 AM
 Effects Pedals
Discuss your effects needs here.
3,425 16,711 Sep. 22 11:39 PM
Discuss different pickups and various solutions (and not how to meet other single people).
743 4,099 Sep. 22 11:40 PM
 Ask The Pros
If you need any help diagnosing problems with your current equipment, then discuss them here. Our staff is always eager to help.
716 3,604 Sep. 9 10:23 PM
 New Players
If you're new to the guitar, and have questions, post them here.
714 4,568 Sep. 20 2:56 AM
 Tone Library
A collection of settings you can use to emulate your favorite players.
141 428 Sep. 23 11:38 PM
 DIY - Modify and Maintain Your Guitar
A spot for tips and advice about modifying and maintaining your own guitar. Please note that any advice given here is from the individual member who is writing it and carries no guarantee on behalf of G-Net. If you have questions about the accuracy or validity of any information contained here, you should consult a qualified luthier or guitar technician.
187 2,008 Sep. 22 11:19 PM
peter js
Playing & Recording
 Artists & Recordings
Chat about your favorite players, songs, and more.
736 5,134 Sep. 21 4:43 AM
 Live Performances
Are you going to a show? Is your band playing somewhere? Let the community know.
262 881 Sep. 3 9:44 PM
 Our Music
Share the music that you have created here, and have other members post their feedback.
2,245 5,665 Sep. 12 11:50 PM
 PC Recording
Discuss various ways of recording with the PC and standard recording equipment.
359 955 Sep. 14 9:06 PM
 Song Writing & Composition
If you love to write music, or are having problems with it, ask our staff here.
220 728 Sep. 22 7:11 AM
 Technique & Theory
Discuss different techniques for playing, as well as the theory behind it.
1,071 4,098 Sep. 23 12:37 PM
 The Working Musician
Discussing the ins and outs of the industry, how to successfully market yourself/your band with or without an agent, how to negotiate with record labels/agents/recording studios, and more.
83 219 Aug. 31 10:33 PM
Tablature & Sheet Music
 Chords & Lyrics
If you're looking for the chords or lyrics to your favorite songs, and you can't find them in our Tab section, then try here.
69 87 Sep. 9 1:59 AM
 Tablature Chat
Have some tablature you would like to share? Know of a good place to find it? Or are you looking for a song? Let us know here.
184 218 Sep. 2 7:30 PM
Guitar Classifieds
 Band Member Search
Looking for a replacement for someone in your band? Or are you looking for a band to join? Then check this section out.
0 22 Dec. 17 9:25 AM
 Buy & Sell
If you're interested in buying, selling, or trading equipment, then check out this forum.
760 1,856 Sep. 23 7:33 AM
General Discussion
 Frequently Asked Questions
Here we have collected the answers to questions asked a million times. Browse here before posting.
116 263 Sep. 19 2:21 AM
 Name That Tune
Post a few lyrics and see who can get the song and/or band name first.
1,468 3,203 Sep. 22 2:07 AM
 Open Chat
An open forum on all guitar and music-related topics not covered by any other categories. No flaming allowed.
1,930 11,032 Sep. 24 12:33 AM
 Site Feedback
Have something you would like to tell us about our site? Let our designers and administrators know here.
110 527 Aug. 26 1:58 AM
Post any non-guitar related threads here. Please note there is very little to no moderation here. Be warned!
3,944 44,334 Sep. 23 7:16 AM
 Guitar News
Relevant news items regarding the world of guitar and it's players. (NOTE: read posting guidelines before posting).
911 141 Sep. 23 1:58 PM
 New Members
A place for our newer members to introduce themselves and meet other members of the site.
443 1,397 Sep. 24 12:16 AM
 Test Posts
This is the place to try out posting images, links, etc. before posting them in the "real" forums.
248 237 Sep. 21 1:44 AM
Totals:  25,397 174,420  
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