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phantom power question
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i've got a small 4 channel mic preamp that has a phantom power button. i also have an electric guitar and a daw and NI guitar rig.

i understand the concept of phantom power in relation to condenser mics (for whatever reason it makes them audible - sends active power through xlr to mic, balanced blah blah blah) but i was curios to know what happens when i plug my unbalanced 1/4" electric guitar chord into the preamp with the phantom power on. i accidentally recorded with it on yesterday, and although the background hum is loud when playing with dirt, the guitar sounds bigger and has more sustain.

is it bad or is it good, or am i just imagining the difference. thanks

also, hi i'm back Smiley i have a kid and am currently living in the philippines.

Post Date: 5/10/2012 @ 10:23 pm
RE: phantom power question
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If you're plugging an unbalanced system into a balanced system you are essentially doing two things. You are cutting your signal in half, and sending a hot signal across the ground of the balanced equipment, the latter is what is causing the hum. HERE is a great writeup regarding interconnecting. As far as Phantom Power, I doubt it's causing any problems, but I'd turn it off if you're not using a condenser mic, I'd also invest in a DI device of some sort.

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Post Date: 5/11/2012 @ 8:55 pm

RE: phantom power question
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RE: phantom power question
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