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RE: Guitar left in hot car
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Yeah, I agree with Poop-Loops. You need to experience the months of November and December. Land of the grey. We get our sunshine via tanning salon.

But leaving a SG nonetheless in a hot car??? Time to put the horse out of its misery -- behind the barn -- get the bolt gun.

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Post Date: 9/9/2008 @ 6:53 pm

RE: Guitar left in hot car
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janosfia said:

MobBarley said:

janosfia said:

Click on my username and then the link at the bottom of my profile. The Washburn pictured is a result of being left in a hot environment.


Eh, just buy some wood glue and clamps or something...


I've actually thought about doing that. I got a few bids to repair it, and it costs just as much as buying a comparable new guitar. Since it just sits broken in a case all the time, I figure I've nothing to lose. Luckily, all of the breaks were very clean, an obvious sign of glue failure.


I just went through this... because a repair job would cost too much for the guitar.

A) Clean out the old glue... using a sharp pointy piece of metal or something.
B) I like gorilla glue... but follow the instructions.
C) You have to clamp for these glues. Clamping on mine was very much impossible (broke clean through my headstock). Soo... i used DUCT TAPE and clamps over it. I put some straight piece of metal over the duct tape and then clamped too.
D) All that said, I ended up gluing some metal door parts to the broken part and then screwing them in, the last time I glued it and it held (I went through a couple bad glue jobs).
E) Use thin strings on it when you're done if you want to be careful.. or nylon strings.
F) use google for these kinds of repairs, some people do have some great advice and seem much better at it than mine.

Oh yeah, the strongest strongest glue is epoxy you can buy at pep boys or other auto place... it comes with fiberglass cloth you can use too.

You can also remove the old glue with a heat gun, if you're into that. If it already melted in heat, it will again!

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Post Date: 9/9/2008 @ 7:49 pm

RE: Guitar left in hot car
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Just wanted to see what it sounded like. No worries, I'll call up GuitarCneter(where I got it) and maybe they'll know.
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Post Date: 5/22/2020 @ 2:36 am

RE: Guitar left in hot car
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Post Date: 5/26/2020 @ 10:38 pm

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