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Has anyone heard about STRINDBERG guitars????
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Hello my friends, I am from Venezuela. I looking for a good accoustic guitar or electroacustic guitar. Where i live there arent too many places that sell accoustic guitars so I dont have too many options. The best guitars you cand find at the stores (the most expensive as well) are the Yamaha apx series. they are good guitars, i have heard they are very cheap in the USA too...but its the opposite in my country. The apx is one of my choices. But i went to a different store today and i saw this brand from wich i have never heard of before....STRINDBERG...It was a very nice electroaccustic black guitar. They were very cheap too, almost half a price than the yamaha apx700. the owner said they were from japan or china. Has anyone played this guitar before???

another quiestion

What is your opinion about the yamaha apx series..? i want to play unpplugged mostly...are the apx a good choice?? i notice the sound is a little weak unplugged. What others accoustic guitars do you recomend...?

other brands that i have seen at the stores:


Thank you all for your opinions!!!!

Post Date: 3/5/2010 @ 8:20 pm
RE: Has anyone heard about STRINDBERG guitars????
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Welcome to G-Net, I hope you will enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I have almost no help for you - I have not heard of Strindberg guitars and am not real familiar with accoustics, particularly when you are out of the States and obviously dealing with shipping, customs fees, exchange rates and just the availability of makes and models.

One good source might be E-Bay just to see if there are any listed and how much they are going for. It may not always be real accurate, but sometimes it can give you a feel for prices and how many of them are out there for sale. On the list you showed, I know that Ovation. Dean, Squire, Ibanez and Washburn do make some nice guitars and others that are not so nice. It's really hard to tell until you can hold and play one.

Good luck,


Post Date: 3/5/2010 @ 8:29 pm

RE: Has anyone heard about STRINDBERG guitars????
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hi there--ebay is a good suggestion.
i googled strindberg, nothing came up.
I like the sound of Larivee acoustics, but like Marty said, individual guitars will vary.
I don't know anything about the APX, someone else on this forum might.
I don't know anything about acoustic/electric guitars but lots of people on the forums have them.
I don't know what your price range is.
You might be able to gather some information and ideas about price ranges here:

If you thought the pure acoustic sound of a Yamaha apx sounded weak, it seems that you should steer clear of that. You like the sound of the Strindberg, i think you said. like marty said, that's what you should go by, how it sounds to you, and how it plays.

Post Date: 3/5/2010 @ 11:32 pm

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