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Ring Modulator One of the most sophisticated and unusual effects in the Electro-Harmonix line, the Frequency Analyzer, used by Devo and others, adds moving harmonies to the original note while controllable high order filters reduce cross product distortion. From tunable three-voice harmony to anarchic microtonal sounds, the Frequency Analyzer is an esoteric accessory for all instruments.

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Updated: August 27, 2003

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 » Review posted by Anonymous on Monday, Jun. 24, 2002 @ 8:25 AM
General Comments:
This is definitely the most unusual pedal I have ever encountered. It is totally analogue so beware of unpredictability. However, this allows some surprising and amazing sounds.

What does it do? It adds 2, as far as I can tell, completely random harmonies to the note you are playing (hence chords become a bit overwhelming). You can adjust how much of your original note you hear. The harmonies can be set in normal frequency ranges, or super high - giving an incredible squealing sound. Bell/chime like tones arise when the harmonies clash. A wonderful sound is created when adjusting the harmonies WHILE playing - ie twiddle the knobs to your hearts content. You have no chance of predicting what it will do so - BEWARE. Practice makes imperfect.

What do you especially like about this product?
DEFINITELY the best pedal I have ever encountered. Everyone should buy one. Amazing build quality, great looks, cool sounds.

What do you dislike about this product?
The only thing is the unreliable power supply - which will not apply to US users. The cost may put some people off, but trust me - it's worth ever penny (cent).

Recommended: Yes

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