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All tube 22 watt blackface re-issue. Two channels, normal and vibrato, two in's on each for low gain/high gain instruments. Spring reverb, foot switch for on/off of vibrato and reverb. Normal channel has volume/treble/bass, Vibrato channel has volume/treble/bass/reverb/ speed/intensity. 1-12" Jensen speaker.

Currently none available.

Retail: $1049.00
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Updated: August 28, 2003

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 » Review posted by pelowell on Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2003 @ 12:08 PM
General Comments:
It's the perfect amp for the elderly rocker who plays on the weekends and doesn't want to lug a hundred pounds of amplifier to the little pub he's playing, or to his buddies basement. Classic clean Fender sound, awesome reverb for those surf tunes, just the right bit of natural grit at the higher volume settings. Enough volume for small gigs if your band isn't a bunch of ego'd individuals who need to drown each other out.

What do you especially like about this product?
Reverb. Reverb. Clean. Reverb. Am I being redundant here? Or maybe just reverberating....I played all of Fenders Pro-tube series except for the Concert Reverb, and while they are great amps, they are all 75Lbs. or more. And overpowered for what I need, I play small rooms, halls, basement practices etc. The deluxe reverb had better reverb than all of them, and is only 45lbs! It's 22 watts is perfect for the small club, and if need be you can always mike it into the main board for more volume. I play mostly blues/jazz/old western swing and country with some classic rock mixed in, so I have no need for dirt. I dont own a pedal and dont plan on getting one, this amp and my Epiphone semi hollow get all the tones I need.

What do you dislike about this product?
The only thing I dont like is it's shallow depth front to back. If you stick it in the back of your pickup with nothing to brace it, the first time you hit the brakes or turn a corner, it's gonna fall over! I cry for the tube filaments every time it happens!

Recommended: Yes

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