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Touch-sensitive dynamics and unmatched versatility have made the DeVille the amp of choice for guitarists of every imaginable style. Three-channel Hot Rod tube preamp, 60 Watt tube power amp fueled by matched Groove TubeTM 6L6s. Available in 2 x 12" (shown at upper right in this photo) or 4 x 10" (shown at upper left) speaker configurations. EFX Loop, extension speaker jack, genuine Fender Reverb, two-button, three-function footswitch, and nylon cover included.

Currently none available.

Retail: $599.00
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Updated: August 28, 2003

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 » Review posted by bertie on Friday, Jan. 3, 2003 @ 2:28 PM
General Comments:
that twat that reviewed the 4/10 and slagged it cos the o/drive was crap !! PLEASE when will the morons of this world RTFM and try things before they buy. YOU DONT BUY A FENDER AMP FOR BALL BREAKING O/DRIVE !!!!!! DOH

This amp is clean and LOUD with just the right amount of breakup - If you want SRV/Skynrd bluuueeesy tones this is for you, stick a pedal in the chain and you can get anything you want.

What do you especially like about this product?
Lovely Clean Creaminess

50's styling

What do you dislike about this product?
No master Vol, but stick a 1meg pot (or a volume pedal) in the f/x loop and youve got bedroom level capability....

Recommended: Yes

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