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All-tube distortion The Hot Tubes' unique paracyclic filter makes it the most versatile distortion ever! From warm overdrive to vacuum tube Big Muff sustain to the heaviest metal tube driven screams, you won┬╣t find a creamier distortion than the Hot Tubes. Powered by AC adapter and toroidal transformer that drives two Electro-Harmonix tubes to maximum voltage!

All-tube overdrive powered by selected 12AX7 vacuum tubes. Very natural sounding and highly sensitive. With the extreme settings, you can really get anything from a Big Muff to near-Octavia distortion.

MSRP: $278.00
Retail: $219.00
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Updated: January 11, 2005

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 » Review posted by Drewskimoon on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005 @ 12:10 AM
General Comments:
The best distortion/overdrive on the market. I searched for a couple of years for something this great. While i did change the tube configuration a little more to get a little less distortion in my drive tube, it is the best overdrive ever. I have never heard something this good or versatile.

What do you especially like about this product?
It has more range, tone and the best sound of any pedal on the market. You can go from a real clean bluesy sound to a twangy country sound to even medal and everything in between. I have seen people with countless distortions on the same board so that they can go between sound I only have one, and it does more that all of them combined. Plus nothing beats the tone out of tubes.

What do you dislike about this product?
The only knock is that it is big and runs off of a funny adaptor(ofcourse included).

Recommended: Yes

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