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Every amp you've ever wanted.

Fender has taken a huge leap beyond any amplifier or effects set-up that has ever been produced. This isn't hype. It's hard fact. The first thing to remember is that the Cyber-Twin is NOT a modeling amp. Modeling amps essentially create digital patches that sound like particular setups on famous amp models. You can tweak the control knobs, but they don't do what they would have done on the original amp being emulated, because, again, you're really just dealing with an effects patch. The Cyber-Twin transcends that whole idea by rerouting the signal path for each amp simulation so the internal analog components are reconfigured in combination with DSP. The result is astounding accuracy in replicating classic tube amps that respond to knob tweaks just like the originals. And you have the same controls you would have had on the original amp. So when you dial in a '64 Vibrolux, you have effectively turned the Cyber-Twin into a '64 Vibrolux. When you crank a knob it responds precisely as the Vibrolux would have because all the components are in the same order. But that's not all. You also have a whole arsenal of killer onboard digital effects to let you create your own unique sounds on pretty much any amp you can think of -- 35 of the classics you've already come to love plus 85 new ones handcrafted by Fender for your amazement. And if that isn't enough, you get 85 rewritable presets to let you design your own amp for a truly infinite palette of fantastic tones. We could write a whole book on this thing and still only scratch the surface.


Real signal rerouting to recreate your favorite amps
35 classic presets, 85 custom presets, 85 rewritable presets
Full bank of onboard effects
DSP programmable, MIDI capable, computer applications
Intuitive design for incredible ease of use
And on and on and on

To many to list. Here's a link to the manual

Musician's Friend Review:

MSRP: $999.99-$1,749.99
Retail: $699.99-$1,224.99
Image: Click here to view
URL: Fender
Updated: July 11, 2003

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