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Build up your technique, thus making you a better player. Technique is the foundation of all players, styles, and abilities. Topics include "Soloing 1 - 4", "Tapping", and more.

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A Primer on Hendrix Little Wing-Type Style  5.0 out of 5
 »  Getting the feel for the Jimi Hendrix R&B type of rhythm-lead style, like the intro to “Little Wing”, really is not too hard to do. This lesson will not show how to play the “Little Wing” intro itself, as the tab is available elsewhere, but it ... [more]

Advanced Alternate Picking Lesson.  Audio Available
 »  The example is an atonal lick with augmented arpeggios. I use stretching & string skipping. Use the idea with other arpeggios (video and MP3 ... [more]

Advanced Tapping 1  5.0 out of 5
 »  This lesson features advanced tapping, monster tapping and string skip-tapping. For this lesson, you won’t have to use your pick a single ... [more]

Alpha and Omega Picking Lesson  4.0 out of 5
 »  Kateshi focuses on whipping that picking hand into ... [more]

An Introduction to Vibrato  Audio Available Video Available
 »  Vibrato is a technique that might scare alot of newer players. But it is a technique used all of the time, and can add flair to an otherwise plain lick or ... [more]

Arpeggio String Skipping Exercise (sounds nice to!)  5.0 out of 5
 »  Here are some great string skipping exercises to help build up your ... [more]

Becoming A More Technically Proficient Guitarist.
 »  In this lesson, I will be teaching you some basics on becoming a technically more proficient guitarist, with some techniques such as sweep arpeggios, string skipping, and picking ... [more]

Becoming A Shredder - Aternate Picking  5.0 out of 5
 »  I've written this lesson because so many that I have seen are just 'here are some examples, use a metronome and play them over and over again' but they never go into that much ... [more]

Beginning to Improvise (or trying to improve)  4.5 out of 5
 »  Here are some widely accepted rules you should remember when improvising. Select 1 or 2 rules for each practice session to concentrate on. After a while, these principles will become ... [more]

Break Those Hands In
 »  Often, your hands are not used to moving, bending, or being in the positions that they get in when playing guitar. This lesson uses Metallica's riffs to help you warm ... [more]

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