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We have a wide variety of tips, tricks, and lessons for those interested in soloing and/or scales. Topics include "Beginner Scales", "The Minor Scale", "Scale Harmonization", and more.

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3 String Arpeggio Run
 »  This is a little run I made up. It was really an etude made up to help me work on picking through 3-string (although it does occasionally leave the 3-strings) arpeggios, which was advice from the great John Petrucci of Dream Theater (on his movie, not ... [more]

A few Legato patterns just for fun!!!  5.0 out of 5
 »  Check out some of these great legato licks from ... [more]

Alternate Picking Lesson  5.0 out of 5
 »  How do players like Yngwie Malmsteen, Al Di Meola, Steve Morse and Paul Gilbert pick so quickly and cleanly? Hyper speed picking abilities are the product of a logical, pragmatic technical approach based on economy of movement-playing the most notes ... [more]

Combining Techniques- Part One
 »  Extend your variety by combining several techniques at the same time to accentuate your ... [more]

Descending Legato
 »  In Descending Legato, the first note is "hammerd" and all subsequent notes on the same string are pull-offs. It is however considered acceptable to pick the first note and pull-off all subsequent ... [more]

Fast Licks and Sequences  5.0 out of 5
 »  Include fast Licks as a contrast to slow Licks in you Solos. It's Important that you begin slowly and build up to a higher Tempo. Have ... [more]

Going Dorian Mode with Ayang  2.0 out of 5
 »  Todays lesson we are going to talk a bit of shredding in dorian ... [more]

Legato and the Major Scale
 »  In this lesson we are discussing the Legato technique and applying it to the major scale. In order to get the most out of this lesson/exercise, it is essential that you pay attention to the short section on the Major ... [more]

Legato Technique Applied to the Major Scale
 »  Using the techniques you learned in sections 1 and 2, its now easy to apply the Legato technique to the Major scale. Consider the following acsending ... [more]

Memorizing Scales  4.5 out of 5
 »  Hey, here is my take on a effecient way of memorizing scales. First, you need to memorize every note on the fretboard. Quiz yourself. There are a few ways of doing this that I ... [more]

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