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Get some tips from the blues experts. Topics include "Basic Blues", "Blue Note Passing, "Blues Turnarounds", and more.

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Basic Blues  3.0 out of 5
 »  I will start with a look at the basic 12-bar blues form, familiar to almost any guitarist. Every guitarist interested in blues, folk, country or rock should know the 12-bar blues by heart; Just switch on the "auto-pilot" and ... [more]

Basic Blues Lesson  4.5 out of 5
 »  Ok, here it is this first lesson. It's not too difficult to play but if you're a beginner, don't try to play this lesson till now: you could get bad ... [more]

Blue Notes and Passing Tones - Bending
 »  The third and the seventh notes are the two most important "blue notes". You can drift from minor third to major third and back, and from minor seventh to major seventh. You can do it with a hammer on (and an optional pull-off), or by bending the ... [more]

Blues Bass Lines for Guitar
 »  A vastly underestimated way of accompanying is a very simple and effective one: play what the bass player plays! This is especially powerful at the beginning of a song and leaves enough space for a singer's first chorus or a soloist's opening ... [more]

Blues Licks  4.0 out of 5
 »  We have collected a few blues licks for you to play around with. Try them out, and use them as a basis to start building your ... [more]

Blues Rythym Guitar
 »  A simple lesson on blues ... [more]

Blues Scales
 »  Basic scales top use when playing the ... [more]

Blues Turnarounds  5.0 out of 5
 »  Blues turnarounds are 'the bit at the end' of a blues progression. These turnarounds are mainly in E, but I've put in a few in other keys. They are just a collection of things I've picked up over the ... [more]

Easy Scale for Practicing
 »  This is a fairly simple scale to practice your finger-picking on. It's most useful for beginners to get their playing-rate ... [more]

Easy Slide Blues (Part I)
 »  A beginner's slide exercise to help you control your ... [more]

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