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Ever wonder what in the world Mixolydian or Phrygian was? If so, click here to learn all of the "behind the scenes" information for the guitar. Topics include "Major Triads", "Modes", "Octaves", and more.

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A non-theory lesson about playing solos or melodies
 »  My idea is to take a different approach to playing melodies or solos on the guitar, one that doesn’t use ... [more]

Alternative Modes
 »  Today this lesson deals with alternatives to usual modes we all tend to use too much. I will try to give some ideas on approaching this chord to scale relationship a bit easier. Not everything in this chapter is totaly new and even some things derive ... [more]

Arpeggio Insanity : Diatonic Harmonization
 »  This lesson provides general rules for harmonizing diatonic triads and naming the resultant arpeggio/chord when both the triads are separated by specific intervals within the diatonic scale (2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, ... [more]

Arpeggio Insanity : Triad Combination
 »  This lesson is based on the concept of playing two diatonic triad arpeggios one-over-the-other, with the first being the "Primary" triad and the other one being a "Secondary" ... [more]

Arpeggio Substitution Test
 »  Arpeggio substitution is an extremley useful device for creating interest in solos, and to help keep your lead playing from sounding like a load of boring ... [more]

Basic Chord Construction
 »  In this lesson, I will teach you how to build ... [more]

 »  This is a collection of ideas harvested from several sources. The sources are almost entirely theory based on classical thinking. I have taken the liberty of inserting my own bias in a place or two in order to draw away from that traditional ... [more]

Harmonic Movement in Jazz
 »  Harmonic movement is the frequency of chord changes in relation to the measure and / or the number of chords per measure as well as the placement of chords in relation to the time ... [more]

How Harmonics Work
 »  A detailed look at how harmonics ... [more]

Identifying Keys and Chords  5.0 out of 5
 »  No description supplied for this lesson.

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