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Ever wonder how to make your guitar "whinney" like a horse? What about harmonics? Pickslides? All these and more are covered in our "Tricks" section.

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A Different Way to Hit Harmonics  3.0 out of 5
 »  No description supplied for this lesson.

Artificial Harmonics (without a pick)
 »  This is also know as a "scream", it is a high pitched noise made by placing the thumb infront of the finger that is plucking. In more detail about an inch and a half behind your thumb is the other ... [more]

Chords That Blow
 »  Have you ever tried to play a pretty chord with death-metal distortion kicked all the way up? It's a little ... [more]

Cool whammy bar tricks  3.0 out of 5
 »  This time I want to discuss some whammy bar tricks I know. I dont know very many, but maybe this will inspire you to create your ... [more]

Cross-Handed Tapping
 »  This is a different way off tapping. Cross-Handed Tapping is very flashy and looks cool. This is really only for playing live, since it is such an impractical way of ... [more]

 »  I learned this trick by playing and Afi song called "The Last Kizz" and it only works on guitars with two volume ... [more]

Funky Whammy Tricks  4.0 out of 5
 »  A great lesson on whammy bar ... [more]

 »  The easiest way to achieve a harmonic is to lightly place your first finger over all of the strings just before the 12th fret and lightly strum all the strings and immiediately after remove your ... [more]

More Whammy Magic
 »  These are simple techniques, but I recommend they only be executed using a double-locking trem (i.e., Floyd Rose, Edge Pro, ... [more]

Natural Harmonic Trick and Super High Notes  2.0 out of 5
 »  A relatively simple trick to sound like Eddie Van Halen or Janick ... [more]

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