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Learn from some of the best on how to record your own music in the privacy of your own home.

Want to learn to play guitar with easy to use online video lessons? We have found the perfect solution!

Basic Guitar - Computer Recording
 »  This information basically applies to all types of recording I will be talking about (direct effects, amp recording, ... [more]

How to Record An Acoustic Guitar  5.0 out of 5
 »  Recording an acoustic can be tricky business. When it's done right, it sounds like pure shimmering magic. Engineers have been experimenting with the best method to capture this for a long time, and many methods have been ... [more]

Low-To-No-Budget PC Recording  5.0 out of 5
 »  This is designed for people just starting to use their PC to record, or for those with, well, no money to get better gear. This is by no means a professional ... [more]

Making an Acoustical Window
 »  No description supplied for this lesson.

Music Tech Magazine - Guitar Recording
 »  Music Tech Magazine is the new, practical recording magazine for musicians from all disciplines. Featuring guitar tech in every issue, the magazine also has software tutorials, recording tips from the pros, theory explained, news and ... [more]

Shopping for a PC-DAW on the Cheap
 »  A couple of years ago, I would have never written this article. I would have insisted that a good quality DAW could only be had by piecing together individual components and researching all compatibility issues into the ground before making your ... [more]

Simple Recording Through the Aux on Your PC
 »  Back again, for another lesson, hope it’s helpful. This is possibly the simplest and most inexpensive way to record a ... [more]

Solid Rhythm Guitar Tips
 »  A simple technique to help you achieve a solid rhythm guitar ... [more]

The Challenges Of Recording Solo Acoustic Guitar
 »  Recording solo acoustic guitar in its exposed isolated form can present some technical issues for sure. This article looks at this challenging procedure and shows you things to watch out ... [more]

Understanding Equalization
 »  The first place to start, in relation to everything having its proper place is not with EQ. This should actually start with the composition of the ... [more]

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