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Technique Technique
Build up your technique, thus making you a better player. Technique is the foundation of all players, styles, and abilities. Topics include "Soloing 1 - 4", "Tapping", and more.

Bass Guitar Bass Guitar
Browse our collection of bass lessons from across the Internet. Topics include tapping, slapping, chords, and more.

Scales and Soloing Scales and Soloing
We have a wide variety of tips, tricks, and lessons for those interested in soloing and/or scales. Topics include "Beginner Scales", "The Minor Scale", "Scale Harmonization", and more.

Chords Chords
Want to learn the secrets behind chord structure and how to build and name your own chords? If so, these will be right up your alley. Topics include "Barre Chords", "Chord Formulas", "The Development of Chords", and more.

Blues Blues
Get some tips from the blues experts. Topics include "Basic Blues", "Blue Note Passing, "Blues Turnarounds", and more.

Theory Theory
Ever wonder what in the world Mixolydian or Phrygian was? If so, click here to learn all of the "behind the scenes" information for the guitar. Topics include "Major Triads", "Modes", "Octaves", and more.

Cool Tricks Cool Tricks
Ever wonder how to make your guitar "whinney" like a horse? What about harmonics? Pickslides? All these and more are covered in our "Tricks" section.

Ear Training Ear Training
Use these as guidelines to train your ear to learn songs, pitch, and more.

eMedia eMedia
The folks at eMedia have generously offered to give free lessons to the visitors of Check out some of these great lessons.

Performing Performing
Tips from the experts on playing live for people.

Beginners Beginners
If you're new to the world of guitar, than consider browsing some of these lessons. They're geared towards new to the world of guitar.

Home Recording Home Recording
Learn from some of the best on how to record your own music in the privacy of your own home.

Lessons by Dux Lessons by Dux's resident theory expert Dux has offered this set of wonderful lessons for beginners to grasp the basics of theory. This is highly recommended.

Song Writing Song Writing
Learn from fellow members some of the basics of song writing. Includes ways to write fresh lyrics for your songs.

Lessons by Jamie Andreas Lessons by Jamie Andreas
A great series of articles from Jamie Andreas, creator of These lessons cover flexibility, speed, and overall improvement

Guitar Maintenance Guitar Maintenance
Great tidbits of information on maintaining your guitar, or even building your own.

Lessons by Tom Hess Lessons by Tom Hess
Tom Hess is an internationally renowned electric guitar virtuoso, composer, and teacher. These lessons can really help your playing.

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