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If your old axe just isn't what it used to be, or if you just want to buy a new guitar to add to your collection, then our online retailers will be happy to help you find that perfect guitar to suit your needs. A G-Net Favorite
» Offering free shipping and low prices on a wide variety of gear, including guitars, amps, basses, effects, sheet music, and more. - 65 click(s)
Aamp's Electric Guitar Store
» We specialize in custom wire pickguards, built to your specs. - 59 click(s)
Absolute Case
» Guitar cases and more. Electric, Bass, Classical, OOO, Grand Concert, Dread, 175, Jumbo, Super Jumbo, 3/4, Dobro, Banjo, and Mandolin. Free shipping on most cases. - 63 click(s)
» All of your electric guitar and bass guitar needs including amps, strings, effects, and more. Highly competitive prices and a very easy to browse Web site. - 59 click(s)
Chesbro Music Company
» Description - Southeast Idaho's largest instrument and accessories selection, Chesbro Music is your complete music headquarters for quality musical instruments, accessories, printed music, fixtures, and musical themed gifts. - 116 click(s)
Desktop Music
» Massive selection of professional MIDI files and MIDI file compilation albums. Immediate download with online payment. Also: Cakewalk and Finale music sequencers, Yamaha, Hoontech and Pure Digital soundcards, Soft Synths, Keyboards, Sound Modules, Desktop Speakers, Style Disks and Music books. - 71 click(s)
Devon Guitars
» Rare Guitars From Famous British Guitarists For Sale - 56 click(s)
eCogNeato Development Company
» Learn 2952 scale, mode, and key combinations while your computer samples your guitar, and corrects you interactively. - 57 click(s)
FingerWeights Music Model
» Using the principles of weight resistance to build speed, endurance, and control, a “mid-life” amateur guitar player taped pennies to the back of his fingers. It rapidly improved the physical aspect of his guitar playing. It has also evolved into the science of Finger Dynamics... FingerWeights increase speed, dexterity, endurance, and control for all players – all instruments. Designed specifically for musicians, the slip-on model fits comfortably on any size finger and is worn during practice and pre-performance warm-up. FingerWeights target the extensor and flexor muscles, the tiny muscles that open and close the fingers. The extensors (speed muscles) determine how quickly the musician can move from one key or string to the next. The flexors close the fingers and are essential for purity of tone. - 55 click(s)
First Quality Music
» Over 30 years' experience supplying players with the best in gear and instruments - see our selection of acoustic guitars. Brands include Martin, Gibson, Collings, Larrivee, Tacoma, Santa Cruz and much, much more; electrics by Gibson, Ibanez, G&L, Epiphone & Modulus; plus specialty instruments including banjos, mandolins, upright basses and more. All major string makers; check our prices. - 62 click(s)

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