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If you're looking to get signed, check out this list of labels.
Spitfire Records A G-Net Favorite
» The Active Record Label. Home to Alice Cooper, Dio, Yngwie, Zakk Wylde and more. - 72 click(s)
A&R Online
» Learn the ins and outs of the professional music business and put your artist career on the map! - 56 click(s)
American Recordings
» Slayer,American Head Charge,Johnny Cash - 70 click(s)
Candlelight Records
» Emperor, Zyklon, Crowbar. - 138 click(s)
Capital Records
» Coldplay, Otep, Radiohead - 67 click(s)
Century Media
» Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall, Napalm Death, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom. - 54 click(s)
Crash Muisc
» Heavy - 66 click(s)
Earache Records
» Hate Eternal, The Haunted, Morbid Angel - 177 click(s)
Elektra Records
» Pantera, AC/DC, Sworn Enemy - 67 click(s)
» All about guitars! Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Guitar history, Famous guitarists! - 58 click(s)

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