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We have scoured the Internet to find you the best freeware, shareware, and buyware products available for you - the digital guitarists. Browse our collection below to find useful software to meet your needs. Listings below are for application written for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

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Chords and Scales Chords and Scales (45)
Software that allows you to search for scales and chords in various degrees and formats.

File Sharing File Sharing (10)
File sharing has become a large part of the Internet, as well as the Internet guitar player. Use these files to find, download, and share your own music, video, applications, and more.

Guitar Teachers Guitar Teachers (25)
Have your computer teach you how to play your guitar. Useful programs to enable you to learn the guitar at your own pace.

Guitar Tuners Guitar Tuners (19)
Handy programs to help you tune your guitar easily and efficiently.

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous (19)
These are programs that don't fit into any one category. These, despite their descriptions, can be very useful.

MP3 Software MP3 Software
Grab all the software you need to encode, decode, and listen to all your MP3 files. This section will always be a "work-in-progress". But check out what we have now.

PC Drummers PC Drummers (10)
Looking for some rhythm? Check out these links to software to create and/or record your own digital drum patterns and sounds.

Recording Software Recording Software (22)
Record yourself with the use of these sound recorders and editors. Various platforms covered.

Tablature & Sheet Music Tablature & Sheet Music (25)
Includes software to edit or create your own tablature files.

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