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These are programs that don't fit into any one category. These, despite their descriptions, can be very useful.

XNews Recommended!
» Here you'll find Xnews, a free Usenet newsreader for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. It's written in Delphi. 100% GNKSA 2.0 (Good Net Keeping Seal of Approval) compliant. Plonk file (aka bozo bin). Quick filter (type in a regex and only articles whose ... [more]

D'Accord Metronome 1.0
» D'Accord Metronome for Windows (98,ME,2000,XP) is an easy-to-use Metronome for musicians and students. The software has several features to help you play and learn: Plays Metronome sound, shows the metronome viewer Enables you to set the tempo in ... [more]

Desktop RTA
» DesktopRTA is a real-time sound analyser for your PC with many features only found in much more expensive sound analysis software. DesktopRTA provides accurate graphical feedback suitable for amateur hi-fi enthusiasts, A/V engineers / installers and ... [more]

Guitar and Drum Trainer 2
» New and Improved There is also a lot more new functionality in Guitar and Drum Trainer now. And some great improvements. *NEW* 16 band EQ *NEW* Looping *NEW* Pitch shifting *NEW* Stereo panning *NEW* ID3 Tag, OGG Vorbis info, and file info ... [more]

Guitar FX
» GuitarFX is a cool software that's actually capable of turning your computer into a guitar effects processor. Simply plug your guitar into the microphone or line input of your sound card, and enjoy real-time crazy distortion smoothed by power filters and ... [more]

Jam Manager Guitar Software
» Maximize your practice times & Jam sessions. No more scrambling for your materials. With Jam Manager software you can see & work with your lyrics, tab, mp3's & a whole lot more all on your screen at one time!  You acquire media once ... [more]

Music Trainer
» Music Trainer is an interactive ear training program that will help musicians reach their full potential. It will test you by randomly playing sound items which you must identify. To be able to play 'By Ear' is something every musician should have a ... [more]

» A software guitar for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices.Not a sequencer, PocketAxe is a performance instrument. Chords for a song are loaded in advance. An authentic feel of strumming and plucking allows it to be used to learn and practice ... [more]

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