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New and Improved

There is also a lot more new functionality in Guitar and Drum Trainer now. And some great improvements.

  • *NEW* 16 band EQ
  • *NEW* Looping
  • *NEW* Pitch shifting
  • *NEW* Stereo panning
  • *NEW* ID3 Tag, OGG Vorbis info, and file info
  • *NEW* OGG Vorbis support
  • *IMPROVED* Playback speeds from 5% of normal to 200% normal speed
  • *IMPROVED* Time and position information including samples and sample rate
  • *IMPROVED* Volume controls
  • *IMPROVED* Sound quality

Support for some file formats has been removed, but you won't be disappointed. MP3, OGG, and WAV are all there. (WMA may be added if there are requests for it.)

Slow Down Music to Learn

Guitar and Drum Trainer2 lets you slow down music to make it easier to figure out difficult passages. Just choose your speed. 100% is normal speed. -35% to -20% is generally good for most fast passages... Yngwie Malmsteen excluded... :-)

Pitch Shift Music for Different Tunings

If your favorite music is tuned to E flat or has a drop D tuning, that's no problem. Don't tune your guitar... Tune your MP3s! And if you guitar is a bit out of tune, you can be lazy and pitch shift the music to fit your guitar. Different drop tunings are easy now. You can even tune the music up to play along with bands that use 7 string guitars like Korn. And there's no time distortion when you pitch shift.

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003

Price: Free
$20.00 US

Software URL:

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