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A Graphics program that is a WYSIWYG ( what-you-see-is-what-you-get ) application for TAB notation, NOT ASCII!

This program produces output in a graphical form that looks like the TAB scores from the popular magazines (Usually named "Guitar *something*").  It is as mouse-oriented as possible. The images are either embedded or drawn from stored data.

I wrote this program for my nephew, who complained about the printout problem with ascii tabs, and the cost of the good programs, and the way some of the programs worked.

We researched the popular "Guitar *something*" magazines to determine what symbols they used and their notation guidelines, so this program produces something similar.  Not exact, but usable, printable, editable, saveable and shareable.

This program allows you to save the TAB score (it is saved in a text file, but the way it is configured it would be hard to edit ), re-load it, edit it, print it out ( it looks good on a laser or inkjet, LOUSY on a dot-matrix!) and share it with friends.

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP

Price: Free Trial
$10.00 US

Software URL:

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