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eDonkey2000 doesn't rely on one central server yet searches are quick and your client doesn't get bogged down with endless search requests. You have the ability to search all the files being shared anywhere on the eDonkey2000 network.

It allows you to transfer any type of file. It automatically resumes interrupted transfers from alternate sources. It even introduces ways to share a whole collection of files together so you can be sure to get all the songs in an album or all pieces of a movie. Users will be able to download a file from multiple sources at the same time thus insuring that transfers will be as fast as possible.

Files can be uploaded while being downloaded. This insures that a rare file that is wanted by many people will be distributed as quickly as possible.

The server and client are both distributed for free. There are Linux and Windows versions available with Mac versions coming soon.


  • Share and Download any type of file.
  • No central server. Servers can be located anywhere at any IP address.
  • Search all users connected to the service no matter which server they are logged onto.
  • Download a file from several different users at once.
  • Downloads are automatically continued from session to session.
  • User created collections. So you can be sure and get all files that belong together.
  • Simultaneous uploading and downloading of the same file.
  • Dynamic ports. The donkey can be configured to run over any port.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: Free

Software URL:

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