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This is software for composing chord progressions. It can also play, arpeggiate, and record to MIDI. It is the most advanced chord and scale filter on the net. It generates color-coded lists and organizes chords and scales in ways that chord books can't. It gives you an easy way of relating chords with scales. It helps you keep track of keys (scales), accidentals, subsets and supersets, and pivot chords. It lets you put chords in progressions and use them as inputs to generate output keys to modulate to. It lets you use keys as inputs to generate output chord lists. Output chord and scale lists are color-coded showing accidentals, subset and supersets, input and output chord and key relationships, and possible pivot chords. Input chords can also filter output chord lists which may be categorized under keys. This is based on chord extensions and is a very useful composition tool - see FAQ. Other features include: numerous filter and output color options, a large chord library or the option to filter All possible note combinations, multiple input key options, sequencer with loop control, numerous arpeggiator settings, play/arpeggiate chords with the mouse, play notes by moving the mouse over the fretboard or keyboard, record to a midi file, set and store voicings or let them be automatically selected, alternate fretboard tuning and orientation, convert letters to numbers, and automatic lookup for chord names. The sequencer can be playing while you set loops, change durations, tempo, and Arp settings. The chord and scale librarys are extensive and come from years of playing and researching popular chord books. The rest of the features are too numerous to mention for this page. The accuracy of chords, keys, and functions is guaranteed.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: Demo
$35.00 US

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