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ChordWizard offers a wide range of features and powerful tools for players of stringed instruments. Most of these are based around chordshape libraries. A library is a collection of chordshapes (the patterns of fingers on strings) for a particular instrument and tuning. ChordWizard automatically organises libraries for you, first by identifying what chord (or chords) are played by each chordshape, and then by grouping the chordshapes in the library so that all chordshapes which play the same chord appear together. ChordWizard works with any 4, 5, or 6-stringed instrument in any tuning. It is supplied with standard libraries for common instruments, which you can add to. You may also want to start your own. You can use libraries interactively to explore and quickly find chordshapes, or you can use them to print your own chord books. ChordWizard is supplied with many standard chord and scale types and instrument tunings. These can be activated or deactivated depending on the playing level you select. If you are a new player there is no need to change a thing. As you improve, you can let ChordWizard's open-ended structure grow with you by using more of the standard chord and scale types. You can even add your own custom chord and scale types, which are seamlessly integrated into all operations. ChordWizard has an attractive onscreen display of the instrument fretboard to show you how to play each chordshape. You can view the fretboard in any orientation, rearrange the screen components and change fonts and colors to your preference.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: 10 Trys
$25.45 US

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