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This guitarist resource can load/edit standard TAB files widely available on the Internet. It converts TAB notation to a fret board, playing TAB notation via MIDI. It has a 1000 + Chord library, scale Library, and playable interactive guitar lessons. Features:
  • Loads standard TAB files widely available on the internet.
  • Converts TAB notation to a fret board, allows for different orientations of the fret board (great for left handed guitarists).
  • Plays TAB notation via MIDI, MIDI sound parameters are adjustable.
  • TAB file are editable by transferring to and from the clickable fretboard.
  • 1000 + Chord library, playable.
  • Scale Library, playable
  • Interactive guitar lessons.
  • Allows stepping back and forth through the TAB file, great as a learning aid.
  • EasyTAB enhanced TAB standard supports fingering details.
  • And much more

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: Shareware

Software URL:

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