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It's surprising how many guitar and bass players, even after months and years of serious playing and study, still don't really know the fretboard of their instrument. This is especially common among self-taught musicians.

On the other hand, it also true that whenever someone finally pays attention to it, their playing and their enjoyment takes a huge leap forward - their music takes on a new life.

What about you? Can you put a finger at random on the fretboard and tell the name of that note in 0.4 seconds or less? Can you do that effortlessly, anywhere on the fretboard?

If you can - congratulations! There are not many like you. And if you can't, here you will find how to easily learn and bring your playing to a higher level.

Here are some of the things that you can do (or can do better) after improving your fretboard skills:

  • You will understand chords much better. No more "a finger here and a finger there...", but real notes - A, E, G, D....
  • You will learn chords faster.
  • You'll also be able to create and improvise any chords on the spot. If you know what notes make a chord (e.g. C major = C + E + G) you can immediately play it in many different ways and places, all over the fretboard, according to your inspiration and creativity.
  • Fretboard knowledge also means that you will know where to play any note without fumbling and stumbling.
  • You will understand scales much better, and learn them faster.
  • You will be able to use the scales you learn with carefree abandon.
  • It will give you an advantage and a frame of reference for improvisation.
  • Knowing the fretboard will also help you to translate the notes in your mind into music.
  • It will make reading sheet music much easier.

  • You'll need no more any of those "chord charts" or "fretboard charts". Rather, you'll have a master chart fixed in your mind and ready at the tips of your fingers.
  • While improving our playing sometimes we get stuck and we don't know why. In many cases, learning the fretboard can get you out of your rut and running again.
  • With a fluent knowledge of the fretboard you will better understand what others are playing. When you will see another guitarist or bassist playing, you will immediately know what notes they are playing, and make much more sense of it.
  • It will also help you to observe, remember, and then use any good lick or riff that you notice when somebody else plays.
  • How many "wrong notes" do you play, because you are not sure about what note is where, or because it takes too long to figure out? Wanna stop that?
  • Many self-taught musicians (but not only them!) have some gaps in their knowledge and skill. Learning the fretboard will directly remove a major gap, and indirectly help with other weak spots.
  • While performing, instead of worrying about getting lost or making mistakes, your mind will be free to focus on the music itself, and you will be able to express yourself better.
  • Even the best players make mistakes, but a masterful knowledge of the fretboard helps to minimize and neutralize them. In other words, if you know the fretboard well, even after a mistake you will fall on your feet, not on your face.
  • You will know exactly what you are playing - notes, scales, chords, or whatever - and that will make everything easier.
  • Because of your familiarity with the instrument you will be a lot more confident and relaxed when you play.

Many guitar and bass players can "figure out" a note on the fretboard by "counting" from the nut or another familiar note, but...

... are you satisfied with that?

See, if I ask you, "What note is the lowest string?" you'll reply "E !" immediately, won't you? (Unless you are an absolute beginner.) Once you know it, you don't need to "think" about it, you don't need to "calculate" it from some other note. You just know it.

Now, would you like to know the whole fretboard just like that?

Difficult, you say?

Actually, no, it's not very difficult, if you know how to do it...

So, how to do it?

Well, what you need is a METHOD. A complete, easy, effective and enjoyable method to take you from here to there, step by step.

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