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The DrumFlow is powerful drum sequencer. DrumFlow has build-in Drum Setup editor (for GS or XG MIDI). DrumFlow allows you to create custom percussion parts with adjustable drums and then to export these parts to your MIDI editor (e.g. Cakewalk or Cubase) through the clipboard or MIDI file. MIDI musicians always wanted to get good and fresh drum sounds and patterns. It is tricky to make fine and original drum parts in MIDI. Some composers use the digitalized samples of drumbeats, called 'loops'. But pure MIDI doesn't support any digital sounds, for instead MIDI operates only MIDI events and controllers. Here comes my program: it is an ideal way to create MIDI drumloops! DrumFlow features:
  • 10 adjustable drum setup parameters per each drum: pitch coarse, filter cutoff and resonance, volume, stereo pan, EG attack and decay, reverb, chorus and variation levels
  • 6 overall MIDI settings, such as: pitch coarse, filter values, reverberation, chorus and variation send levels
  • 127 possible drums in 127 possible MIDI drum banks
  • 16 drums and 32-event drum sequencer
  • Export drum setup and sequence to MIDI file or clipboard
  • Swing groove to add grooves to your patterns. Groove steps are from -6 to +5.
  • Full support for QS300 voices. Voice edit feature is only for registered version. Now owners of the QS300 compatible synths (for ex. DB50XG, SW60XG etc) can add their own QS voices (up to 8, each voice takes 1 MIDI channel) to list and use them as drums.
  • MIDI sync. The DrumFlow can receive MIDI sync messages from your MIDI sequencer and play step by step with it. For registered version only.
  • A change of tempo while playing.
  • Volume slide window to slide volumes in selected region
  • Two MIDI Out devices. If the one of devices is busy the DrumFlow tries to use the second.
  • Support of different drumkits. General MIDI, Roland GS, XG level 1 and SW1000XG are currently supported. Easy to add your own kits: look in drumkits.ini file.
  • The DrumFlow can be used in fullscreen mode. All elements are resizeble.
  • Floating windows have big or small tracks and their layout can be customised.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: Shareware
$35.00 US

Software URL:

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