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GUITARMASTER is the software only note and chord recognition package for electric guitar. The ultimate low-cost, high quality notation and transcription aid.


  • Produces standard MIDI files and guitar tablature direct from your soundcard with no extra hardware.
  • Just plug your guitar into your PC's soundcard and play.
  • Easy export to any standard notation package.
  • Includes high-precision guitar tuner tool.

We are proud to unveil the "look" of the Guitarmaster2 interface GUITARMASTER V 2.0 (Guitarmaster2) transcribes your chords and single-note runs, producing guitar tablature in a standard text file, along with a MIDI file which can be converted into standard music notation by virtually any notation package in the world. That's right - Guitarmaster2 produces MIDI files and guitar tab direct from your guitar with no extra hardware!

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: Demo

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