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G7 Tablature Author G7 is the perfect tool for guitarists of any level to create tab faster and easier than ever before, add lyrics and chord symbols and instantly create lead sheets or Piano-Vocal-Guitar arrangements. Unlike any product of its kind, G7 enables guitarists to scan tab and instantly turn it into standard notation (sheet music) or scan standard notation and turn it into tab. G7 reads and saves ASCII tab and MIDI file formats. The intuitive virtual fretboard allows guitarists to enter tab by clicking on frets, and the fretboard displays tab as it plays back making it easy to learn new songs.

In addition to being a tab authoring solution, G7 contains complete information about guitars, playing techniques and musical styles, with audio examples, music and useful illustrations to help players write and play better.

Other benefits of using G7:

  • Guitarists can enter tab via an interactive fretboard, mouse, keystrokes, playing live, or scanning;
  • The interactive guitar fretboard provides a visual representation of how the tab could be played;
  • Tab can be saved as a web page and it is then ready to be emailed and/or placed on the Internet;
  • Tab can be displayed in many rhythmic styles and all marks play back (bends, slides, etc.);
  • Guitarists can edit simply by clicking and dragging the mouse; no modes or tools necessary;
  • All guitar tunings and number of strings supported;
  • Drum pattern generator creates drum notation automatically for songwriters; and
  • G7 offers a unique multi-media guitar guide that lets guitarists explore guitar music in the style of world famous artists.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: $149.00

Software URL:

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