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EarMaster is a fun way to use your computer for ear training. Simple and challenging exercises drill and score you on 10 harmonic and rhythmic ear training areas. With EarMaster you will learn to identify and transcribe intervals, scales & modes, chords, chord progressions and tunes you hear, and learn to sight-read, imitate, and correct rhythms. EarMaster has a flexibility that makes it a perfect choice for any musician. The EarMaster Tutor challenges all trained and untrained ears and will adjust the difficulty as you do progress. The Exercise Setup allows you to configure your own exercises exactly as you want. EarMaster allows you to answer using the onscreen piano, guitar, staff and multiple choice. With a microphone you can sing, clap or play your answers on your favorite instrument. EarMaster also supports MIDI keyboard. All of your results are recorded in details so you can monitor your progress. Have I become better and faster at identifying e.g. the minor 7th chord within the past 2 weeks? How much time did I spend training my ears for the past month? EarMaster provides all this information for you.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: Trial
$69.00 Pro
$89.99 School

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