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Interactive Chord Progression Player Paste any chord progression into the field using any standard notations such as Am7, Csus2, V7 etc, and play it immediately. Set a rhythm, add a count in, repeated sections, and flow directions such as DsAlFine. Vary the tempo as it plays. Play chords, broken chords or figurations. Chord inversions etc also supported.

Explore your chord progression in other tunings and temperaments and also try other flavours of chords such as harmonic series chords, and septimal subminor and supermajor chords, etc.

It is part of the shareware / freeware program Fractal Tune Smithy. The player itself is currently free though later when I add the option to vary the beat and give the rhythm some swing or set a groove, you will need to pay to use that feature.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Price: Sharware

Software URL:

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