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FLStudio 4 is a complete virtual studio and the latest version of the popular drum creation tool, Fruityloops. You will be creating songs and loops only minutes after launching it.

FLStudio provides all you need to take your songs to the next level. FLStudio is a hybrid product that combines the best in sound generation and emulation with song creation, and it does it all with an interface that you can use out-of-the-box.

FLStudio also runs as a DXi soft synth so that you can plug it directly into SONAR, Project5, Home Studio, Music Creator, or Plasma.

FLStudio 4 comes in two flavors: The Fruityloops Edition and The Producer Edition. The Producer edition includes everything found in the Fruityloops edition, plus audio recording and editing capabilities.

FLStudio Fruityloops Edition & Producer Edition both feature:

  • TS404 analog bass line synth
  • Boobass acoustic bass simulator
  • Wave Traveller scratch synth
  • BeepMap image-based synth
  • Granulizer synth
  • Fruityloops Sampler
  • 3xOsc subtractor synth
  • Plucked! plucked strings synth
  • Unlimited synth layering
  • Reverb & Compressor by Ultrafunk
  • 28 additional audio effects
  • Effects on input while recording
  • Multi-chord arpeggiator
  • Fruityslicer: slice and rearrange loops
  • Piano Roll and Step Sequencer
  • Dashboard controller designer
  • Full automation of parameters
  • Live Mode & Playlists
  • DXi and VSTi synth support
  • DirectX and VST FX support
  • Output up to 96 kHz audio

    Boxed version exclusives:

  • DreamStation DXi analog synth
  • 3,000+ royalty-free samples
  • 300+ loops and songs

    Producer Edition also features:

  • Record & mix up to 999 tracks of audio
  • Use effects on input while recording
  • 64 channel Mixer with per-track EQ
  • Integrated WaveEditor

    Sequencing tools

    Step Sequencer

    The step sequencer is the heart of FLStudio. In this view you assign channels to sound generators. It contains a button for each channel in your song, from which you can access its Channels Settings, Piano Roll, etc. It also contains a pattern grid, where you can create drum loops and simple melodies.

    Simply clicking the dots allows you to trigger sampler channels, the integrated synths that come with Fruityloops, or any existing VST 2.0 or DXi plug-in. If you want to change the pitch of the samples you simply pull down the piano keyboard and create a melody.

    Piano Roll

    The Piano Roll allows you to compose complex tracks for your songs, that would be hard or impossible to do with the Step Sequencer. Create melodies and chord changes, with control over note lengths and pitch, slides, panning, velocity, cut off, resonance, and more. All parameters can be controlled on a note by note basis, and by using slides you can make your notes slide from the one to the other.

    MIDI users can input notes directly from their keyboard or other MIDI controller. You can also import a MIDI files or use the PC keyboard to compose the notes.


    The Playlist is where you arrange your composition. This is where you specify which patterns or audio clips you want to play, when you want them to sound, and for how long.

    Want to add pre-recorded voices, guitar parts or other recorded audio? Just drag any wav file to the Playlist and position it to the time you want to have it played back. In the Producer Edition, you can also record audio directly into FLStudio.

    Software Synthesizers available in FLStudio 4 :

  • Dreamstation DXi - accurately reproduces analog synth sounds by modeling analog circuits and oscillators.

  • Wave Traveller - Load Wave files, then create multiple paths back and forth through the audio to create convincing DJ-style scratches. Multiple paths per-sample can be key mapped.

  • 3xOsc - a combination of 3 oscillators that feed the FLStudio Sampler. It generates bright sounds that can be filtered by the channel's instrument tools. It can also produce a unique kind of stereo chorus.

  • Fruity Granulizer - a granular synth. Granular synths split wave samples into small pieces ("grains") and then plays them back according to defined settings. Stretch audio without altering its pitch; create complex special effects; even start with normal playback and then "morph" your audio.

  • BeepMap - generates sound based on imported image files.

  • BooBass - a realistic acoustic bass synth.

  • Fruity Kick - a simple kick drum synth.

  • Plucked! - a plucked string synth.

  • Fruity Scratcher - a vinyl turntable simulator. Load samples and record your performance in real-time.

  • Fruity LSD - adds the functionality of the DirectMusic software synthesizer to FLStudio and provides 16 MIDI instruments with an option to import DLS level 1 banks.

  • Fruity Wrapper - adds support for DXi and VST instruments.

  • MIDI Out - a plug-in that allows you to use FLStudio to control your external MIDI devices.

    FLStudio also includes a versatile mixer with :

  • 64 tracks
  • 4 send tracks
  • Individual VU meters and sliders
  • Full re-routing of effects (Producer Edition only)
  • ASIO in recording (Producer Edition only)
  • Bounce to disk option

    Each track has:

  • 8 effect channels
  • 3-band parametric equalizer (Producer Edition only)
  • Stereo separator
  • Post Effects VU meter with peaks (Producer Edition only)
  • Volume, pan, and stereo separation

    Included effects :

  • Fruity 7 Band EQ
  • Fruity Balance
  • Fruity Bass Boost
  • Fruity Blood Overdrive
  • Fruity Center
  • Fruity Chorus
  • Fruity Compressor
  • Fruity Delay
  • Fruity Delay 2
  • Fruity Fast Dist
  • Fruity Fast LP
  • Fruity Filter
  • Fruity Flanger
  • Fruity Free Filter
  • Fruity Mute
  • Fruity PanOMatic
  • Fruity Parametric EQ
  • Fruity Phase Inverter
  • Fruity Phaser
  • Fruity Reeverb
  • Fruity Send
  • Fruity Soft Clipper
  • Fruity Spectroman spectrum analyzer
  • Fruity Stereo Enhancer
  • Fruity Vocoder
  • Fruity Wrapper adds support for DirectX and VST effects.


    FLStudio provides a number of unique ways for you to control your music, effects and synths.

  • Fruity Peak Controller
    An internal controller that allows you to modify any wheel, knob or switch by feeding it a sound or beat. It tracks the audio peaks from your source and then uses it to modulate whatever controls you have designated.

  • Fruity Formula Controller
    An internal controller that accepts user defined formulas for modulating other parameters.

  • Fruity X-Y Controller
    An internal controller that allows you to control parameters along an X-Y axis. You can also use a joystick with this controller to get hands on control of your mix.

  • Dashboard
    Create software interfaces for your external MIDI hardware, such as keyboards, mixers, samplers etc. Use the integrated automation system to record changes as your song progresses. Also set up interfaces that act as internal controllers.

    Dashboard includes several preset panels for popular MIDI devices, ready to use in your projects. You can customize the existing panels or create new ones from scratch. This way you can adapt Dashboard for any MIDI device you own.

    Audio Recording (Producer Edition only)

    Add vocals, guitar lines, or any recorded audio you can imagine to your soft synth compositions in FLStudio Producer Edition.

    Record and mix up to 999 tracks of audio. Use effects on input while recording. Mix audio using the 64 channel Mixer with per-track EQ. More.

    Audio Editing (Producer Edition only)

    FLStudio Producer Edition has a built-in Wave Editor that allows you to perform basic audio editing and also to record new audio files.

    You can fade, normalize, reverse, invert, trim, and add loop points to any audio clip.

    The Audiotracks in FLStudio allow you to lay out your vocals, guitar parts or external synth leads visually in the Playlist.

  • Operating System: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP

    Price: Fruity Loops Edition: $99 USD
    Producer Edition: $149 USD

    Software URL:

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