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leafDrums is a software drum machine for musicians.

It can use drum samples from standard WAV files, and can produce output as a WAV file (or play the rhythm direct to the speakers, of course). There are advanced features like a variety of digital effects, not just distortion and delay, and the software is easy and simple to use.

leafDrums works on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP. (It does not work on Windows NT4.)


leafDrums 2.1 is a fully-featured software drum machine.

-Uses standard WAV files for drum samples, so you can easily add your own or download more from the Net
-Song feature lets you sequence 1-bar patterns together
-Repeat feature for programming repetitive areas of a song
-Provides control over the length, attack, decay, and tuning of drum sounds
-Can stretch loops to fit your rhythm
-Includes a variety of effects you can apply to the drum sounds - delay, distortion, phaser, and many more
-Level envelopes let you fade patterns in and out
-Can write rhythms to a CD-quality WAV file for manipulation or playback in other programs
-No practical limit on the number of different drum sounds, the number of patterns, or the number of tracks
-Supports different time signatures; also supports triplets
-Easy, quick, and pleasant to use (redesigned interface!)

A detailed help file is included. On the product's homepage, you'll find an active community and a message board to interact with fellow users.

Operating System: Windows: 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Mac: Not supported
Linux: Not tested

Price: Non-Expiring Shareware ($25 USD)

Software URL:

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