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HammerHead is a simple TR-909-like drum computer program aiming at the dance-scene, but it's customizeable enough. There are many drum kits available for free download on their website, namely the "Acoustic" kits, that will allow the program to approximate a decent-souding real drum kit. You can use HammerHead Rhythm Station to create almost any kind of percussion pattern you can think of.

HammerHead features six separate channels, 29 built-in drum sounds, six complete breakbeats and the possibility to import six samples of your own. You can save your patterns to completely noise-free CD-quality wave files to use them with your sampler, tracker or sequencer program.


HammerHead is not Shareware, it's Freeware! No frustrating save-disabling, no grayed-out-menu-features, no paying serious money, no annoying messages and most of all no time limit...

HammerHead is not a Bossa Nova tool. This means that you won't find any Tom-Toms, Shakers, Cowbells, Congas or Bongos in this box. What you will find is cool 909 stuff, bad overdriven bass drums, lots of snare drums, claps, and complete breakbeats to spice up the lot. Buckets-o-fun for making Jungle.

A must-check-it-out for everyone who has always wanted to make his own block-rocking beats!

Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Mac: Not supported
Linux: Not tested

Price: FREE!

Software URL:

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