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Welcome to our tunings section. Here you to look up other tunings so you can play various songs. These are listed from low to high. If you have one you would like to contribute, please let us know (membership required). Thanks!

Fifth TuningDADAAD 
G Minor High StrungDBbDGBbD 
Inverted TuningEBGDAE 
The Ham Sandwich Band - "Breakfast at Applebees"C#F#DGBD# 
Steven Stills StandardEEEEBE 
Goo-Goo Dolls - "Iris"DADDDD 
Tyler Suard - "Can You Find Me?"EADEBE 
7 String Drop GGDGCFAD
Dan Bacon (ModernRocketier)CGCFAD 
DAD OctavesDbAbDbAbDbDb 
Jazz TuningCGCGBbF 
Kumoi TuningDEFACF 
Q - "Time Will Tell"AEBF#C#G# 
Led Zeppelin - "When The Levee Breaks"EACFAC 
One Step BelowD#GCFAD 
Semi-Drop CCADGBD 
Nirvana - "Bleach"DADGBF 
Can You See It - "Comiserable"A#ADDbBE 
Dropped GGDGCEA 
John Mayer - "Something's Missing"EBEF#BE 
Dream Theater - "Under A Glass Moon"C#G#C#F#BE 
Skip James - "Hardtimes Killing Floor Blues"EBEGBE 

This page is a mirror of the page located at The Big City String Company. Thanks to everyone there for this great resource. Be sure to visit their great site.

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