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Welcome to our tunings section. Here you to look up other tunings so you can play various songs. These are listed from low to high. If you have one you would like to contribute, please let us know (membership required). Thanks!

Himanshu's Himalayan Harp 2 (major)GACGDC 
Himanshu's Himalayan Harp 3 (minor)GBbCGCEb 
The Jatadhari TuningEGBADE 
The Char Chinar TuningEAEAC#D# 
The Neelkanth TuningDADADD 
Led Zeppelin - "Rain Song"DGCGCD 
7-String StandardBEADGBE
7-String DroppedAEADGBE
Standard DDGCFAD 
Deeply DisturbedBF#BEG#C# 
Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"DADGAD 
Keith CrittentonEAGbBBE 
CSN&Y - "Guinnevere"EBDGAD 
Creed - "Faceless Man"DADADD 
Spangenhelm - "Our own stuff"FBbDGBE 
System of a DownCGCFAD 
Linkin Park 1BbEbBbDFAb 
Drop BBGbBEAbDb 
Goo Goo Dolls - "Name"DAEAAE 
delta blues tuningDGDF#AD 
Down to None - "Untitled # 1"AEADF#B 
power slide tuningDAEAC#E 
Led Zeppelin - "The Rain Song"DGCGCD 
George Thorogood & the Destroyers - "Bad to the Bone"DGDGBD 

This page is a mirror of the page located at The Big City String Company. Thanks to everyone there for this great resource. Be sure to visit their great site.

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