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Welcome to our tunings section. Here you to look up other tunings so you can play various songs. These are listed from low to high. If you have one you would like to contribute, please let us know (membership required). Thanks!

Albert Collins TuningFCFAbCF 
Jimi Hendrix/SRV tuningEbAbDbGbBbEb 
Celtic PipesEADEAE 
Soundgarden - "Like Suicide"DGDGBC 
Symetrical TuningAEBF#C#G# 
Drone TuningCGCGCC 
Hirusan and the Yamahas - "Yamamoto Yamamai"AEbAAAbAb 
Harmonic TuningEEBEBB 
Low Open B TuningBF#BF#BEb 
Chromatic TuningFACGCD 
Metallica - "St. Anger Full Album"CGCFAG 
The Allman Brothers - "Old Friend"DADGBE 
Linkin Park - "Fient"DbAbDbGbBbEb 
System of a DownCGCFAD 
Matthew Fought - "Telayedachael"DbAbEBGbDb 
Ani DiFranco - "Out of Range"EGDGCC 
Harmonic Drone TuningEEBEBF# 
Psychadelic SlideEBEG#CE 
Coldplay - "Yellow"EADGBEb 
Broad TuningABEADE 
Equal Interval TuningEADGCF 
Pearl Jam - "Daughter"GGDGBD 
Open High AEC#EAC#E 
Fat TuningCGCGDD 

This page is a mirror of the page located at The Big City String Company. Thanks to everyone there for this great resource. Be sure to visit their great site.

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